Synergy Extreme India

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Finding the right employee with the right skills in a specific location is difficult and costly for any company. We have a large database of candidates with various skills and we can get you the right skills at a fraction of the cost. This is made possible with the use of various cost efficiencies we have developed for all parties involves. Our production facilities are located in countries that have low cost office space rental, low minimum wages, low health care rates, low cost electricity rates and low cost internet rates. Our facilities >>more No task is too small. Our retail division can handle micro-projects. Such as creating one article, one tutorial, one logo, etc. We have also streamlined our retail division to be easy to start for anyone. Gone are the the days of complicated background checks, complicated contracts and confusing fine prints. We value our clients time and we would not want to waste it, after all we are here to make your tasks to completed faster so we don’t want to waste it either.>>more We provide our clients the whole spectrum of contact center services. We have thirty seven divisions that specialize in different fields such as chat support, customer acquisition, debt collection, customer care, technical support, telemarketing campaign management, order taking, email response, emergency response, lead generation, etc.>>more