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    Computer Programmers and Their Tasks

    Computers are very common for most people today. They where into different software, games and applications, they spend most of their time in front of the computers. Some businesses and companies are using computers for their transactions and activities. With the growing technology now, it is clear that the computer jobs are in demand today. But do we know who’s behind the games we play, the applications and computer software we use? Well, let us take a deeper look with one of the most well-known field when it comes to computers and programs, the computer programmers.

    Computer programmers usually performs various programming duties with the use of different web applications. They are the ones who writes or creates programs that the computer use to perform their tasks. Programmer commonly refer to an expert who writes codes for different kinds of computer software. They design software programs by using logical flow charts. The word programmer can be a software engineer, software analyst, software developer, or computer scientist. They specifically write and develop programs to store and retrieve specific documents and information.

    Different computer languages that programmers use are C, C++, PHP, Java, Perl, Visual Basic, FORTRAN and a lot more. Programmers usually compile and write programs, they insert comments in the instructions so it is easily understand by others. After they write instructions, they check it to ensure that there was no error in it. Using diagrams and flow charts and contribute their knowledge and skills about computers, they eventually performs their tasks as a programmer. With the programs they had written, they assist and help the end users to understand well the instructions.

    They help specific businesses for their needs, they can write programs for inventory, billings, sales and other tasks. They also work with the computer manufacturers to develop new programming techniques. Programmers train other individuals to gain knowledge about programming and how to write codes and instructions. They consult some other experts to analyze and solve the computer problems and as a systems programmer they control and maintain the use of the computer systems.

    If you wanna be a computer programmer you must possess a bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science and mathematics, while some programmers attained associate’s degree. Programming skills and expertise are highly needed for this job, and they should know how to use the tools and various languages that programmers usually use. In the fast development of technology nowadays, computer programmers should be updated and continually learn and improve their skills to adapt with the new techniques and approach of the computer systems.

    There are different kinds of programmers: the web programmers, desktop application programmers, system programmers, programming scientist and a lot more. The web programmers often do programs that can be used by the end-users, they do work to deal with the clients requirements. Some works that a web programmer do are applications with regards to online order system like buying an airline tickets, ordering a pizza and a lot more. On the other hand, desktop application programmers usually write codes and instructions for business purpose, with their financial and organizational structure it will be a big help for a company. While system programmers they deal with the science of programming, they usually take the courses in calculus, discrete mathematics and logic. And last, the programming scientist are experts and often work on developing new computing technologies and techniques.


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