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    Keeping Customers Happy: Best Practices For Avoiding Medical Billing Errors


    The Medical Billing Advocates of America, 8 out of 10 bills contain errors a staggering number to be sure an an overwhelming hurdle to overcome.  With the emerging option of availing of the medical billing services in order to address concerns of budget, it only highlights further the need to have a good billing process in place to ensure that quality does not suffer and you do not have hundreds of the complaints at the door.  With  a strains on budget and the clamor for better healthcare a consistent cry an error free billing process may seem like the proverbial fruit and water of Tantalus in Greek myth which is why we are sharing this guide which will allow providers to build a hardy billing process centered on keeping customers happy.

    The first one is to establish clear guidelines, foremost in providing accurate billings are to have clear guidelines to follow.  A proper process must be established to ensure that there will not be any confusion especially for the unique cases. In having guidelines allows one maximum control over the process, by being able to track the progress of the numerous cases that a single provider may encounter each day. It allows one to backtrack later on and identify areas of improvement for the time consuming tasks.  The set reasonable targets, while it may be wonderful to be able to boast that are able to process billing twice or even thrice as fast as others.  It is useless when errors are high and customers are complaining left and right.  Slowing down the process may encourage fewer errors , but may end up with lots of delays down the line.  It will not end up with the complaints which is why the targets should not be done without careful analysis and planning.  The key here is in setting reasonable targets that will strike a balance between quantity and quality.

    To have a support system in place, to be able to maximize time, effort and energy an efficient support systems should be made available to billers to provide them an avenue to query peers or to review guidelines and procedures.  Where the risk of errors is high, this is especially helpful for unique or complicated cases where the risk of the errors.  Support systems can be as simple as having designated people to answer queries in providing a go to guide as a complete reference billers can check at anytime.  To have quality control measure in place, even veteran billers can make mistakes, In having a quality control measures in place, one can avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes.  From the mismatched and double charges, to inflated charges, these kinds of mistakes will only result in irate customers.  In having people checking and even rechecking every single data will ensure that errors like the ones above are avoided and everyone gets charged with the right amount.

    To have an Internal Feedback Mechanism, with regards to efficiency having an internal feedback mechanism encourages the people involved in the process to assess and evaluate it and to provide suggestions that would improve the process. The process that may look good on paper may not actually work as well once it is underway.  Having an internal feedback mechanism helps to determine areas for improvement. These kinds of feedback are invaluable, allowing to improve the medical billing process as well as showing the billers that value their feedback.




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